Eminence Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Hot

Eminence Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Hot

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60 mL

For Stimulating and Detoxifying the Skin

Oily and Blemished Skin Types


  • Helps to reduce oil production, minimize acne breakouts and detoxify with Hungarian Mud
  • Fortified with naturally occurring minerals and nutrients, this masque opens pores, eliminates toxins, increases circulation and fights off bacteria, leaving the skin toned and refreshed
  • Key Ingredients: Hungarian Herbal mud, sage, willow, ivy, cinnamon, paprika and BioComplex


How to Use

  • Warm the mud up to body temperature. Spread a thin layer on the surface of the skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes
  • Due to to increased circulation, a tingling sensation may occur of up to 20 minutes and redness up to 45 minutes after which the skin will feel refreshed, detoxified and soothed