Fiole The Earth Oil

Fiole The Earth Oil

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Rich hair treatment

Mix well-balanced rare organic pure oil and oil Treatment Essence.

  • Prune oil: while preventing drying of the hair, giving a moderately moist, good street comb, leading to a soft hair quality. 
  • Ground nut oil: moderately hair with high nutritional value Hoshimeshi, while maintaining the health, leading to a smooth and good comb, hair have the appearance of shiny quality. 
  • Argan oil: increase the hair of the barrier properties at about three times the power of the olive, give shine and softness, leading to a strong healthy hair quality. 
  • A protection component to reduce the fading of color due to ultraviolet rays, protect dust, dirt, hair in the two forces of moisturizing ingredients to protect the hair from, such as cigarette smoke from environmental stress. 
  • Reduce the adhesion of the causative agent of the unpleasant odor. 
  • Hair gloss reduction and stiffness, the drying prevention. 
  • Because it is a water-soluble gel-based oil, can be washed off easily clean, hot water, without leaving the accumulation feeling of oil, it features is hard to cause the stiffness and Pasatsuki also continue to use every day.


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