Nakano Glamorous Curl. N Oil Essence Moist

Nakano Glamorous Curl. N Oil Essence Moist

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A slightly sweet fruity rose scent

● Specialist to protect your hair from heat

● Protect the hair from the heat of the dryer, giving a smooth gloss.

● Prevent hair color fading and UV damage, give hair moisturizing, supple summarize.

● Because it is not sticky, you can use it as a night care essence.

 Key Ingredients : Hair repair ingredients: Meadow foam - δ - lactone formulation. Moisturizing ingredients: avocado oil, sunflower seed extract, shea fat combination

How to Use

After shampooing, please apply towel dry and dilute the appropriate amount to the entire hair There is no need to rinse out. You can also use it before dry hair and styling. Adjust the amount used according to the length and amount of hair, finish.


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